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Founder:- Johann Adam Weishaupt

What Does Illuminati Mean?

People Claiming To Possess Special Enlightenment Or Knowledge Of Something. In Subsequent Use, “illuminati” Refers To Various Organizations Claiming Or Purported To Have Unsubstantiated Links To The Original Bavarian Illuminati Or Similar Secret Societies, And Often Alleged To Conspire To Control World Affairs By Masterminding Events And Planting Agents In Government And Corporations To Establish A New World Order And Gain Further Political Power And Influence. Central To Some Of The Most Widely Known And Elaborate Conspiracy Theories, The Illuminati Have Been Depicted As Lurking In The Shadows And Pulling The Strings And Levers Of Power In Dozens Of Novels, Movies, Television Shows, Comics, Video Games, And Music Videos.



How To Contact Illuminati Team?

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How To Join Illuminati?


  • You Must Be 18 Years Old Or Older
  • You Must Have Full Access To A Computer
  • You Must Display Outstanding Characteristics And Leadership Skills
  • You Agree Not To Misrepresent Our Organization
  • If You Do Not Meet The Above Requirements, Please Do Not Continue




Update :- has move to new Website

The Illuminati Order Website says “After nearly 250 years, and following intense and lengthy debate, the Illuminati Order has decided to publicly abandon the Illuminati name.”

New Links:-

New Application form available @

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Fill The Application Form At :- And Mail To

Please Note :-

All Information Received Is Kept Confidential And Is Protected Against Unauthorized Access.

Leave The Initial Text As It Is. Do Not Remove Any Fields.

Provide An Accurate Response In Each Field. False Answers Are Grounds For Immediate Termination Of Membership. Leave Nothing Blank.

If You Do Not Want To Include Certain Information, Simply Say So In That Field.

If You Have Any Questions, Do Not Include Them Here. Questions Should Be Presented Separately.

Send Completed Application To Your Referring Member Or To The Membership Email Address Listed At Http:// For Processing. Updates Should Be Submitted In The Same Manner. Illuminati Membership Form:- Source:- Fill The Form Below And Send It To

  1. Preferred Pseudonym:
  2. Real Name:
  3. Email Address:
  4. Date Of Birth (Year-Month-Day):
  5. Country:
  6. State/Province/etc.
  7. City:
  8. Spoken Languages:
  9. Written Languages:
  10. Talents, Skills And Abilities:
  11. Interests And Goals:
  12. Current Occupation:
  13. Describe The Nature And Purpose Of The Illuminati Order.
  14. Explain Why You Want To Join The Illuminati Order And What You Hope To Accomplish As A Member.
  15. Attach A Recent Photograph Of Yourself.


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